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Factory96 – FREE Room Escape Game

Factory96 is an incredible new FREE room escape game. Available Now on iTunes App Store and the Google Play store, for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android phones, players and tablets. Factory96 is a “room escape” mobile app with a twist. Stuck in an old factory, your mission is to escape. In order to escape,  [ Read More ]

Words With Friends Dictionary

Words With Friends Cheat is the only site that has access to the official Words With Friends dictionary. We constantly revise our dictionary database when revisions are made by Zynga to either add new words or remove outdated words. If you have ever used other cheat sites, you may have come across words that showed  [ Read More ]

Michael Phelps Hearts Words With Friends

Officially christened as the most decorated Olympian of all-time, Michael Phelps celebrates his record-breaking achievement by playing Words With Friends.  It’s true.  The 19 medal swimming sensation is a gamer at heart, who enjoys playing all different types of video games, but one of his favorites is Zynga’s Words With Friends. He has gone on  [ Read More ]

Words With Friends Facebook

In stark contrast to the lucrative partnership that Zynga and Facebook have enjoyed, the two digital giants had been discussing parting ways. In 2011, Facebook was receiving 12% of its revenue from in-app purchases through such blockbuster social apps as Words With Friends, Farmville and Cityville. Citing dissatisfaction with the Facebook payout structure, Zynga began  [ Read More ]

iPhone 5 Set For Sept. 2012 Release

First, we are expanding the content on the blog section of the site to include news, discussion and other items that may be interesting to you guys, our users. We’ll obviously try to stay somewhat on topic, with articles like this, that relate to at least a decent size portion of site visitors. It’s being  [ Read More ]

iPhone Games – Now & Then

iPhone Games – Now And Then: Words With Friends is Scrabble Draw Something is Pictionary Scramble With Friends is Boggle Hanging With Friends is Hangman Angry Birds is Playing Hide And Seek With These Two

Words With Friends Still Rules

Even though it has been out for three years this month (Words With Friends was originally launched in 2009 by New Toy, Inc.) it is still one of the top apps of all time in the iTunes store. Its popularity has proven that it is a game that will stand the test of time, with  [ Read More ]

Submit Your Play Of The Day Entry

Do you want to be the Words With Friends Cheat – Play Of The Day? Submit your high score screenshot now: [email protected]. We choose the best play every single day and post it to the Words With Friends Cheat site, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Twitter. Think you’ve got what it takes? Made better plays than  [ Read More ]

You Cheat – Be Discreet

Who isn’t completely addicted to Words With Friends? Everyone with a smart phone is. If you are like most people, you get thumped on a regular basis and are tired of not even being in the same league as some of your opponents. How do you step your game up, but not make it obvious  [ Read More ]

Words With Friends Cheat Guide

The Words With Friends Cheat Guide is now available online. We’ve put together a few simple tips to help increase your overall vocabulary and speed up gameplay. You’ll have improved point totals in no time, as we continue to show you ways to perfect your game. Check it out here: How To Secretly Cheat At  [ Read More ]

Words With Friends Letter Distribution

Words with Friends Letter Distribution consists of 104 letters. The dictionary is a custom version of the Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon (ENABLE) dictionary. Zynga makes additions and reductions to the dictionary as it sees fit and in the past has factored in comments and input from users. Here is a list of the exact  [ Read More ]

Draw Something Cheat

We’ve finally added a Draw Something Cheat page to the site. It took us some extra time because we wanted to do it right. A lot of other sites use the Words With Friends Dictionary or Scrabble Dicitonary, which means you get hundreds of results that aren’t even legal for play in the game. There  [ Read More ]

Words With Friends Cheat user Nathan submitted today’s featured Play Of The Day. Nathan played QUIZZICAL for what has to be some sort of record – 592 points. We were taking a short hiatus from POD posting during Spring Break, but had to come back to the table, when we received this in our inbox.  [ Read More ]

Draw Something Gallery Submissions

This is an open call for your drawsome pictures! We are in the process of adding a Draw Something Picture Gallery and are looking for interesting drawings for the site. It doesn’t have to be the best looking drawing on the internet. It can be humorous, witty or just plain average. We appreciate your visits  [ Read More ]

For Immediate Release – (March 11, 2011) Words With Friends Cheat is pleased to announce the final results of the inaugural Words With Friends Cheat Invitational. After months of accepting registration from over 400 players, the tournament began on February 6, 2012. The final matchup was between players B.Wirth and SharJar. In a contentious battle,  [ Read More ]

Move Over American Airlines. Hello Jet Blue.

If you haven’t heard by now, several months ago, while waiting on the runway for his plane to depart, Alec Baldwin was playing the wildly popular mobile app, Words With Friends, on his smart phone. The American Airlines passenger jet had been sitting on the runway for over an hour and had not moved, so  [ Read More ]

ScrabbleFest Fundraiser For Illiteracy Prevention

One of America’s classic board games, has been the Hasbro/Mattel word game of Scrabble. Created in 1948, the game quickly became a standard item in every household during family gatherings, holiday meals and birthdays. National competitions were as prevalent as spelling bees, during the initial growth of the game. Over the last 20 years, Scrabble  [ Read More ]

Calling All Huge Scores and Great Plays!

Introducing Words With Friends Cheat’s Play Of The Day (POD). We’re starting a new daily column here at Words With Friends Cheat. We will be posting daily screenshots of the best play of the day. This could be a huge score, a funny word, a funny combination of words or anything that you would like  [ Read More ]

Words With Friends Builds Super Bowl Team Unity

Throughout the weeks of a grueling National Football League schedule, football players find themselves running the gamut of emotions. Team chemistry is an important component of a successful season. A unified team makes for a more productive and focused unit. Evidence of the importance of team unity can be traced to this years New York  [ Read More ]

Strategy Determines Words With Friends Success

The media firestorm over Alec Baldwin’s ejection from an American Airlines flight for refusing to stop playing Words With Friends, has led to more downloads and a heighthened popularity of the game. The initial reaction after downloading the game is eagerness to play friends or people and test your skills. Once you’ve played a few  [ Read More ]

Major Server Upgrade

Thanks to all of our loyal visitors for enduring downtime over the past couple of months while our traffic grew and we transitioned to a new site redesign. Last week, we upgraded our servers in a major way, doubling the previous capacity on all levels. Since the upgrade, we have had 100% uptime, even during  [ Read More ]

Words With Friends Links Feature

Words With Friends Cheat was featured on a new website Words With Friends Links today. This new site looks like it’s going to be a great resource for news, links and resources for the Words With Friends community. Words With Friends Links

WWFC Tournament Confirmations

Confirmation emails for the first tournament have been sent by email to every single person that has registered so far (for ALL tournaments). If you did not receive an email confirmation, please check your SPAM folder. If you don’t see anything there, please email us at: [email protected] or register again here: https://www.wordswithfriendscheat.net/words-with-friends-cheat-tournament-registration/. We are starting  [ Read More ]

Words With Friends Saves Life

A woman from Blue Springs, Missouri, Beth Legler, began playing Words With Friends on her smartphone in 2010. Through the random opponent function, she met an Australian couple, Georgie & Simon Fletcher from Queensland, Australia. On a random day, during a game of the popular game, Georgie was telling Beth that her husband, Simon wasn’t  [ Read More ]

Words With Friends Cheat Tournament Registration

REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED for Invitational #1. You can still pre-register for Invitational #2 which will begin sometime in February 2012. WORDS WITH FRIENDS CHEAT INVITATIONAL #1 Registration for the tournament is now open. Please review the rules below and click the link to register online. Register Now Registration will close after a certain timeframe that  [ Read More ]

Old Site Available

Again, for those who would prefer to use the old site, it’s available at: archive.wordswithfriendscheat.net. We will be keeping this site live permanently, so you can bookmark it and hit it directly, if you’d like. We will not be adding new articles or blog posts there though, or any new functionality, such as additional language  [ Read More ]

Words With Friends Facebook – Tips

So, Words With Friends has finally arrived on Facebook and all of the people that are new to this game flutter with excitement. This article will talk about a few basic etiquette rules, while playing on Facebook. Unfortunately for us, Mark Zuckerberg and his cronies have decided to ever-increasingly intrude upon our lives with spammy  [ Read More ]

Words With Friends Cheat Tournament

WORDS WITH FRIENDS CHEAT INVITATIONAL #1 Later this month, Words With Friends Cheat will be hosting it’s first online tournament. Details on the tournament will be posted later this week and we are anxious to hear feedback from you, our loyal visitors. Here’s some basic information to whet your whistle: * Single Elimination * Playoff  [ Read More ]

S Is Your Crown Jewel

Words With Friends is an obsession for me. I’ve been playing a wide variety of people on Facebook this week. Some of these people I know, others I don’t. As I constantly play, trying to lay down that epic word for huge points, I developed a habit. I’m not sure if it’s a good one  [ Read More ]

New Site Launch – Words With Friends Cheat

Welcome To Words With Friends Cheat 2.0 Due to the overwhelming response from our loyal visitors, we have improved the website’s functionality for convenience and improved performance. We will be featuring articles about strategy, word building scenarios and news/events in the world of Words With Friends. The new site features a brand new design and  [ Read More ]

This Words With Friends Cheat is just a simple tip to increase your point totals. In the early rounds of a fresh game, I sometimes get out of the gates slow and have trouble getting my point totals going. Depending on the skill level of your opponent or luck of the draw on your tiles,  [ Read More ]

Words With Friends Cheat – The Dreaded Q

I don’t know about you, but the letter Q! Nothing beats getting stuck with one of these letters on the last one or two turns. How do you play the tile and not get stuck with the points? Where on earth are you going to squeeze in a Q with such short notice? Will your  [ Read More ]

Words With Friends Is John Mayer’s Fault

Much like the two guys in the Geico commercial, if you haven’t heard of the latest gaming craze, Words With Friends, you’ve been living under a rock. We can now officially add this mobile gaming app to the list of things that are John Mayer’s fault. The increased cost of gasoline…….John Mayer’s fault. Ineffective Congress  [ Read More ]

Today Facebook released data on the Top 10 fastest growing applications. The Sims Social came in at #1 and Zynga’s Words With Friends was in the 6th spot. 1. The Sims Social 2. Welcome Tab 3. 21 questions 4. The Smurfs & Co 5. MyCalendar 6. Words With Friends 7. Are YOU Interested? 8. Static  [ Read More ]

Words With Friends On Facebook

Zynga finally released Words With Friends on Facebook earlier this month. It had long been rumored that it would happen, but it is now official. This week Facebook released it’s Top 10 game rankings and Words With Friends has already moved up to #8, with 10.8 million players. Those numbers are mind-boggling. You need a  [ Read More ]

Big Boi Issues Words With Friends Challenge

Challenging his fans to a riveting game of Words With Friends, Outkast rapper, Big Boi took to Twitter to issue the challenge and reveal his online handle, Bitchkilla2. In typical Big Boi-swagger, he tweeted “come get sum” and said he was playing 30 at the same time, ready to give an “ass whoppin” to each  [ Read More ]

eBay Newbie Feedback FAIL

This is hilarious and we had to share it with our users. It’s obvioulsy off topic, but the story was told to us by a loyal Words With Friends Cheat user, who allowed us to take screenshots and black out the details. The user bought 2 items from a newbie seller on eBay who had  [ Read More ]