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This Words With Friends Cheat is just a simple tip to increase your point totals. In the early rounds of a fresh game, I sometimes get out of the gates slow and have trouble getting my point totals going. Depending on the skill level of your opponent or luck of the draw on your tiles, you could be stuck playing super small words. The only exemption to the “double play” is if you get stuck with all vowels or all consonants. If that happens, then you are at the mercy of the available spaces on the board. That scenario is for another time, however.

This article is about mastering, what I refer to as the “double play”. It’s a simple concept, really. There is a word on the board. A good example would be the word “AMEND”. Your opponent plays “AMEND”. Instead of playing a word off of the A, M, E, or N, you want to look in your rack and see if you have an S. The objective is to come up with a word that has an S in it. Now, it doesn’t really matter where the S is in the word. It would just depend on your situation on the board. The traditional play is to start your word on the tail end of the word that is already played.

For this illustration, the word I have in my hand is “STREAM”. Not only would I get the point action from STREAM, I would also get basic points for the extended word “AMENDS”. This concept will put you on a fast track towards higher point totals and get you excited about new possibilities, all over again.

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  1. bob says:

    i love michael jackson!! now show me tha money!! lol i mean the words haha

  2. wilbran says:

    i agree with you this is essential early on but also in the middle of games being able to make two words on a double or triple word score can get you some incredible single turn point yeilds

  3. jjj says:

    lol bob ? ^

  4. mirelly molina says:

    I need help