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Rack :
Use '?' for Blank Tiles. You can enter up to 3.

Prefix :       or and      Suffix :

or Anywhere :

The Words With Friends Help Tool.

So you’ve wracked your brain trying to figure out a word, ANY word to play on the board? The Words With Friends Help tool is here to get you out of a jam. So you say there’s only a handful of tiles left and you just don’t see any options. Plug in the remaining tiles you have into the section, titled “Rack”.

Be sure to select which database to cull the words from. Rules for Words With Friends and Scrabble tend to slightly differentiate. Once you’ve entered the tiles, click on “Submit.”

Towards the end of the game, your space is going to get limited. If you see a spot to play a word and the open spaces are to the right or below the letter on the board, you want to plug the letter(s) into “Prefix” and add them to the letters in your rack. When you hit the submit button, all of the words should begin with the letter that is on the board.

If there is room to the left of the letter or above the letter, you want to put that played tile in the “suffix” and add it to your rack. Like the Prefix, you will get results based on that tile being the last letter.