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Words With Friends Dictionary

Words With Friends Cheat is the only site that has access to the official Words With Friends dictionary. We constantly revise our dictionary database when revisions are made by Zynga to either add new words or remove outdated words.

If you have ever used other cheat sites, you may have come across words that showed up in the results that were not allowed when you tried to use them. You may have also noticed a word here or there that was missing from the results that was valid for game play.

Do you know why this happens? The site developer may actually be using a Scrabble dictionary (which is MUCH different than Words With Friends) or they may have just grabbed whatever dictionary they could find. Either way, this is a huge disservice to anyone that uses their site. Additionally, the Words With Friends dictionary does actually change.

The dictionary used in games like Draw Something, that use proper nouns and trendy words, is constantly changing. Sometimes from month to month. Zynga (the developer of both Draw Something and Words With Friends) removes and adds words based on holidays or the emergence of a trendy movie, sports figure or celebrity. They even send push notifications letting users know they’ve added new words to hopefully spark new interest.

The assumption by most is that the Words With Friends dictionary never changes. This actually isn’t the case. Zynga does occasionally upgrade and revise the dictionary. Changes are made based on user feedback and internal decisions made by the Words With Friends staff. Zynga is forthcoming with this information, even putting it in the official rules:

“Words With Friends has more than 173,000 acceptable words for use in the game. Our list is based on a public domain list used by many word games. We’ve added a few of our own words to game such as ‘zen’ and ‘texting,’ and more words may be added in the future. If you’d like to suggest a word, you can do that (by contacting us).”

A common reason for a word to be pulled from the dictionary is that it is offensive to players. This can be a word that has derogatory connotation or a word that may be perceived as inappropriate. Some words that were pulled from the original dictionary are “nazi” “jew” and “faggot.” None of these are valid words for game play. Surprisingly some curse words are actually viable options, like “shit” which is currently in the Words With Friends Dictionary.

Words With Friends Cheat is the only site that consistently updates our dictionary to mirror the changes in the official Words With Friends dictionary. We just completed another overhaul and thought it was a good time to let our users know that we have your back. We are always working to improve the site so that you have the best experience possible and have the best chance of winning every game.

If you use other sites, tell us why. If there are features you’d like to see added, let us know. We always welcome your feedback and input. While you’re at it, try a little taste test. Check other sites for the following words: “heil” “lez” and “abo” We bet you find them on other sites. But as you can see in the screenshots, none of these are acceptable words. You may even notice that the two words listed in the official rules, “texting” and “zen” are not found on most other Words With Friends cheat sites. The funny thing is, you can read the official Words With Friends Rules from beginning to end and these are the only two words that are explicitly noted as legal for play. How could you possibly leave these out of your dictionary? We have no idea. They’re in ours.
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  2. Cheryl brown says:

    I am confused. Mt friend played his first word as FOP. Ok that’s not the problem. I’m playing with another friend and played FOP, and it was rejected as not a valid word. What’s going in?

    • admin says:

      FOP is not a valid word. The only way this word could have been played is if the user was playing with a hacked version of WWF. It is possible is alter the actual game on your device and change the dictionary file, which would allow you to play any combination of letters as a valid word.

      • Jean Ambrosii says:

        FOP is very much a word – means a man who is very concerned with his clothes and appearance. Check the Oxford Dictionary.

  3. Phil Katz says:

    SHIT is ok but SLUT is not….DUMB!

  4. Shelley says:

    Hi : )

    I’m a big WWF’S fan! I’m a word fan in fact and on going to enter a completely legitimate word ‘AUDITEE’ as in the person being audited, I found it was not permitted!
    I was deeply grieved as not only would I have used ALL 7 LETTERS but it would have spanned 2x Double Word tiles vertically, it would also have created a Horizontal DW as well!

    Please add this unambiguous word to your dictionary urgently!!! Please and thank you! : )


  5. Shelley says:

    I’ll hold off playing this turn in case you can promptly add that word! I hope so x

    Cheers S

  6. Anti-Shelly says:

    Oh my god Shelly

    the dictionary here is for people to use to play the game, not for the game itself

    you want that word included, speak with a zynga officer

  7. Myrna says:

    How does one contact your site?

  8. Kafe says:

    Dago came up as a word but words with friends doesn’t accept it.

  9. G.Jack says:

    words with fiends cheat

  10. jamie says:

    I just tried to play dago and it was not accepted but it comes up on the cheat and I have seen it played before… What’s the deal?

  11. Cerveza1 says:

    New to the game.