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Words With Friends Cheat Guide

The Words With Friends Cheat Guide is now available online. We’ve put together a few simple tips to help increase your overall vocabulary and speed up gameplay. You’ll have improved point totals in no time, as we continue to show you ways to perfect your game.

Check it out here:
How To Secretly Cheat At Words With Friends

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36 Responses so far.

  1. Paul says:

    Works great. Love it

  2. bareft49 says:

    Need for DROID2 t

  3. corey gilbert says:


  4. Tambam says:

    Why is “elocute”not an acceptable word?

    • BossMan says:

      Elocute has no definition, but you can use eloquent. All you need is a Q and a place to play it. Lots of players use QI as a word. In any event, does it make you feel better if you have to cheat to win a game with your friend? I stopped playing for that very reason. Why not use made up words? Some not only play QI and also use VAR as a word. In scrabble the board game, slang words are unacceptable as are foreign words. That game is a test of vocabulary and the other player can challenge you word.

      • rosiespunkin says:

        qi is Chinese for “health”

        I think it is said that there are now cheat sheets. Takes the fun out of the game for the people that are playing honestly. You wouldn’t have a cheat sheet if you were playing with the person in person, so why on the internet?

        • Patti says:

          Same reason you cannot challenge a word like you can in face to face games. It isn’t feasible. (sp?) lol

          • admin says:

            The reason why is because the game has a dictionary that is built and words must be validated by the dictionary to be played. If you play a word that is not a word in the dictionary, you get a notice. You can try this on your next turn, by putting a string of letters to form a non-word and hitting submit. So, that being said, if your opponent has played a word, it is a valid word. :D

      • Nicole North says:

        I have to agree. I find it very frustrating when playing with someone and they cheat nearly the entire game. What’s the point of playing? Is their self esteem so low they need to cheat on a game to feel good about themselves? Frustrated!!!!

        • J SoNo says:

          I find it interesting that someone would take the time to “shame” someone for posting a legitimate question. If you are so “against” it, why, may I ask, are you here? Hypocrisy runs amuck. A person may use sites like this but one still needs the ability to place the words on the board in a manner that will win the game. Bottom line, grow up!

          Bossman- Report the bug to W.W.F. I have come across a word or two in the past that were not in data file.

      • amy bishop says:

        if you play scrabble on pogo qi is an acceptable word!!!

      • Nafera says:

        I play QI all the time but that doesn’t mean i am cheating…after playing the game for a long time you learn new words, see other people play it and a QI on a TW tile is a good word.

      • Donna Davis says:

        How will you learn new words if you aren’t looking for new words that fit. Cheating is a great way to increase your vocabulary. I always tell my opponents that I use WWF Cheat, so they have the option of doing the same. Of course you have to go to the trouble of looking up what the word means to get any benefit (other than the high score).

  5. troy says:

    How can a player play “TMTUEGOTHU” AND “YELQNDWU” they are not words but have been played against me?

    • admin says:

      Unfortunately there is a true hack for Android Words With Friends that allows you to change the actual dictionary file in the game, so you can set it to allow any combination of letters and they will be approved as a playable word. Our recommendation is to just resign against a player that is using this hack and not play against them again.

  6. Logan says:

    Always a good time letting my friends think I am a genius using the word finder on here but it just failed to find the word torment for me saying there was no options just an fyi!

  7. chad says:

    Not sure if I’m going nuts but it seems like my last opponent was somehow able to put in multiple words. I’m studying the board wondering when the heck that word was played.

    • CC says:

      I, too, have noticed this when playing this game with one particular player. All of a sudden, I will go back to the game and see multiple words that I cannot remember were there, that are worth a lot of points. I thought it was just me. Now that you have said that, Chad, I’m beginning to wonder. So unfair to play this way!

    • barbara says:

      I’ve been playing WWF only about a month and I’ve noticed the same thing happening. At first i thought i was imagining it. How does that happen? Does the game play by itself sometimes? Just wondering.

  8. mike balir says:

    don’t understand why would you cheat? when you win , you didn’t win! you can’t rationalize the irrational! go ahead and cheat i’ll still beat your ass!

  9. LeeLee says:

    I had someone use “woolcoat” against me. Is that a legal word?

  10. Denise I says:

    I know it’s not really ok to cheat but I love learning new words! As someone else commented u have to pick and choose the high point letters and know where to put them so even with the cheat app. I am still losing every game. I will keep playing I noticed no matter what word there is a strategy to it that has to be learned. I notice I have to use it mostly when the board is empty and/or I get all constance and vowels.

  11. Glenn says:

    Is there a way an opponant could be “fixing ” the game so that i am getting certain letters? i’m suspicious that this may be happening…

  12. Ty says:

    Someone was able to double their points for a word. Is there a cheat for that?

  13. michele fennell says:

    Why can’t I play any word that begins with z? It says word not acceptable and other people play the same word I want to such as Zen! Confused :-/

  14. herbgb says:

    How can one use your dictionary when there is an ad covering the area for the RACK?

  15. natalie price says:

    How are people able to have a word average(as reported in the WWF global statistics) of 999.9 points per word?

  16. Philip says:

    Is it possible to download the app thank you