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Rack :
Use '?' for Blank Tiles. You can enter up to 3.

Prefix :       or and      Suffix :

or Anywhere :

If you are running out of ideas on decent words to play, this Words With Friends Word Builder is your ticket to higher point totals and better results. Simply type in each letter in your rack and click on submit. To your left, you should see the complete list of all possible word combinations for your consideration.

Keep in mind that if you want to play a word off of a particular letter already on the board, you need to put that letter into the “RACK” field and also type it into the Prefix (if you want to start off the word with the letter already played) or into the Suffix (if you want the letter played to end your word).

Be sure to note the number of tiles that are open for you to play a word and look at the options for that amount. You can’t lose if you’re using the Words With Friends Cheat Word Builder!