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Words With Friends Builds Super Bowl Team Unity

Throughout the weeks of a grueling National Football League schedule, football players find themselves running the gamut of emotions. Team chemistry is an important component of a successful season. A unified team makes for a more productive and focused unit. Evidence of the importance of team unity can be traced to this years New York Jets. Bickering, disagreements and outspoken attitudes did the team no favors. Common ground was hard to come by and the differences between the players superceded the team’s willingness to put up a united front.

In contrast, we look to the New York Giants. As previously reported in the Wall Street Journal, the G-Men have bonded during the season through rigorous gameplay of Words With Friends. Through thick and thin, the team always had Words With Friends to get them back to common ground. Through their early winning streak, to their four game slide that almost sabotaged their playoff hopes, Words With Friends was there to cushion the blow. Sharpening their vocabulary and chess skills to outmatch each other is a great way to blow off steam and keep their mind running on all cylinders. Angry Birds might be all the craze, but it doesn’t hold a candle to team comraderie and unity like a rousing game of Words With Friends.

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