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Rack :
Use '?' for Blank Tiles. You can enter up to 3.

Prefix :       or and      Suffix :

or Anywhere :

Words With Friends Solver is our online tool to help you learn new words and better organize your tiles. Enter all of your tiles into the field, labeled “Rack”. If you see a letter on the board with space below it or to the right of it, put that letter in the field, marked “Prefix” and then add it to your rack tiles, as if you actually had it in your hand. The engine will sort all possible words based on the first letter(s) being already on the board.

Any letters that you happen to see, on the board, having space above or to the left of it, should follow the same procedure, except the played tiles would need to go in order to the “Suffix” field. Be sure to remove any letters you have in the prefix field and add your suffix tiles to your rank field. After hitting submit, words will be generated based on the last letters of that word being what is already played on the board.

This engine helps you see better opportunities for your tiles, as well as increase your vocabulary as you may learn new words. As a result, your gameplay should speed up, while your point totals increase.