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Rack :
Use '?' for Blank Tiles. You can enter up to 3.

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Welcome to our Words With Friends Cheats page. Before you is a search engine that will sort your tiles into playable words. The first thing you want to do is select which dictionary you want the words to be generated from. Scrabble tends to have slightly different rules than Words With Friends and does make a difference in what is sorted. Once you’ve selected your database, plug in all of your tiles into the “Rack” section. After you hit submit, the words will sort based on length. Average point totals are calculated to the right. This does not take into account any bonus spaces, such as Triple Word, Double Letter, etc.

If you are curious what words you may have, based on a tile already on the board, you should do the following.

Type in the letter or letters into the “Prefix” field (if you want to play a word to the right or below the active tile) or type in the letters to the “Suffix” field (if you want to play a word to the left or above the active tile). You want to make sure that you add those letters into your mix of tiles, in the “Rack” section. If it really doesn’t matter where those active letters fall in your word, type them in the “Anywhere” field and hit submit. You should now have a few possibilities to play on the board.