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Play Of The Day – COMEMBER (179 Points)

Carol is back too. This time with another blockbuster. Carol has been chosen before and always submits incredible plays. This time Carol was chosen for the Words With Friends Play Of The Day with the word COMEMBER, which was worth 179 points. Carol used all 7 letters to make the 8 letter word and spanned it across two DW spaces.

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3 Responses so far.

  1. BeeNimble says:

    How is this play worth 179 pts? I count 16 for the word (one of the M’s is a blank and there are no double- or triple-letters used), times 4 (double-double) = 64 points, + 35 for the bingo = 99 points total.


  2. BeeNimble says:

    ok, never mind, I figured it out – she spanned a DW and a TW, not two DWs as described. So where I had multiplied by 2×2, instead it’s 2×3. Plus the non-blank M is on a TL.

    So that’s 16 initial points, times 6 = 144, + 35 = 179.

  3. BeeNimble says:

    Aaack! I mean *24* initial pts times 6, not 16 x 6.