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Player: SharJar
Furthest Round: Final

1. What device or platform do you play Words With Friends on?

– I play mostly on my DroidX phone, sometimes I play through facebook on laptop.

2. How many games of Words With Friends do you play a week?

– I always have 20 games going with 20 different opponents. It’s hard for me to say how many games I complete in a week.

3. What other mobile games/apps do you play regularly?

– I use to regularly play TapFish and Angry Birds until I found Words With Friends. Now WWF is the only game I play. Other apps that I occasionally use are Redbox, Amazon price check, and mobile banking. I have several other games downloaded on my phone that my younger children play.

4. What is your favorite movie of all time?

– Old School

5. What is the last album/song/artist you bought or downloaded?

– Love you like a love song. Selena Gomez

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